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Best Time to Visit Turkmenistan in 2024 for Historical Tours, Cultural Experiences, Desert Adventures. Turkmenistan Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Turkmenistan

  • Optimal: April to June, September to October (mild temperatures, fewer tourists).
  • For historical tours: April, May, September, October.
  • Other favorable months: March, November.

Geography facts

  • Location: Central Asia, bordered by the Caspian Sea.
  • Area: 488,100 km².
  • Borders: Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea.
  • Landscape: 80% desert (Karakum Desert), mountains in the south, lowlands near the Caspian Sea. Highest point: Mount Aýrybaba at 3,139 meters.

Turkmenistan is known for its vast deserts, ancient Silk Road sites, and distinctive cultural heritage. The country’s landscape is dominated by the Karakum Desert, interspersed with historical ruins and modern architectural wonders, making it a unique destination for adventurers and history enthusiasts alike.


  • Desert: Continental (hot summers, cold winters).
  • Mountains: Continental with more variation in temperatures.
The daily range of reported temperatures (gray bars) and 24-hour highs (red ticks) and lows (blue ticks), placed over the daily average high (faint red line) and low (faint blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. (c)

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Very cold, particularly in the desert and mountainous regions.
  • Daytime temperature: Average around +5°C (41°F), can drop to -5°C (23°F) at night.
  • Expected precipitation: 20 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Dress warmly, especially for evening excursions.
Turkmenistan (c)


  • Slightly warmer but still cold.
  • Countrywide daytime temperatures: +7°C (45°F) to +10°C (50°F).
  • Average precipitation: 18 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Ideal for exploring Ashgabat’s indoor attractions.


  • Spring begins, warming trend.
  • Predicted temperatures: Day at +15°C (59°F), Night at +3°C (37°F).
  • Expected rainfall: 25 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Good for visiting historical sites like Merv and Konye-Urgench.


  • Mild and pleasant, perfect for tours.
  • Maximum daytime temperature: +22°C (72°F), Night: +10°C (50°F).
  • Rainfall may reach: 30 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Best time for exploring ruins and desert tours.


  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Daytime temperature: +27°C (81°F), Night temperature: +15°C (59°F).
  • Rainfall: 20 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Visit the Karakum Desert or Darvaza Gas Crater.


  • Hot, especially in desert areas.
  • Day: +35°C (95°F), Night: +20°C (68°F).
  • Rainfall: Minimal, around 10 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Early morning or late afternoon visits recommended.
The hourly reported temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. (c)


  • Peak summer heat.
  • Daytime peaks: +40°C (104°F), Night: +25°C (77°F).
  • Rainfall: Very little, less than 5 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Hydrate frequently and avoid midday sun.


  • Continued hot weather.
  • Daytime temperatures: +39°C (102°F), Night: +24°C (75°F).
  • Rainfall: Minimal.
  • Tourist tip: Suitable for indoor activities and museums.


  • Cooling down, very pleasant.
  • Day: +30°C (86°F), Night: +18°C (64°F).
  • Rainfall: 10 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Ideal for cultural tours and outdoor activities.
Turkmenistan (c)


  • Mild temperatures, great for travel.
  • Daytime peaks: +23°C (73°F), Night: +12°C (54°F).
  • Precipitation: 20 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Excellent for visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  • Cooler but still pleasant.
  • Day ranges: +15°C (59°F) to +20°C (68°F), Night: +7°C (45°F).
  • Rainfall: 25 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Perfect for historical and cultural exploration.


  • Cold, with some rain.
  • Day: +8°C (46°F), Night: 0°C (32°F).
  • Precipitation: 20 mm.
  • Tourist tip: Indoor activities and winter gear recommended.

Turkmenistan offers a diverse range of experiences, from exploring ancient Silk Road cities to witnessing modern architectural feats in Ashgabat. The best times to visit are during the mild spring and autumn months, ensuring comfortable weather for all kinds of adventures.

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