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Best Time to Visit Slovenia in 2024 for Exploring Nature, Cultural Experiences, Road Trips. Slovenia Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Slovenia

  • Optimal: May to September (pleasant weather and vibrant cultural events).
  • For exploring nature: June to August offer the best hiking conditions.
  • Other favorable months: April, May, October.

Geography facts

  • Location: Central Europe.
  • Area: 20,273 km².
  • Borders: Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia.
  • Landscape: Predominantly mountainous with a rich mix of forests, rivers, and lakes. Highest point: Mount Triglav at 2,864 meters.

Slovenia’s diverse geography makes it a paradise for nature lovers, offering everything from alpine mountains to Mediterranean coastal areas.


Slovenia experiences a mix of Mediterranean, Alpine, and Continental climates, leading to varied weather patterns across the country. The coastal areas enjoy milder winters and warm summers, while the inland and mountainous regions see colder winters and cooler summers.

The daily range of reported temperatures (gray bars) and 24-hour highs (red ticks) and lows (blue ticks), placed over the daily average high (faint red line) and low (faint blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. (c)

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Extremely cold and snowy.
  • Mountain areas: temperatures can drop to -5°C (23°F).
  • Precipitation: 70 mm.
  • Plains and coastal regions: average of +3°C (37°F) with frequent snowfall in higher altitudes.


  • Cold with occasional snow.
  • Daytime temperatures: +3°C (37°F) to +6°C (43°F).
  • Precipitation: 60 mm.
  • Ski resorts: optimal conditions for winter sports.
Slovenia (c)


  • Start of spring, gradual warming.
  • Predicted temperatures: Day at +10°C (50°F) and Night at 0°C (32°F).
  • Expected rainfall: 70 mm.
  • Blossoms and greenery start appearing.


  • Pleasant spring weather, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Maximum daytime temperature: +15°C (59°F), Night: +5°C (41°F).
  • Rainfall: 80 mm.
  • Lakes and rivers: scenic and serene.


  • Perfect for exploring Slovenia’s nature.
  • Daytime temperature: +20°C (68°F), Night temperature: +10°C (50°F).
  • Rainfall: 90 mm.
  • Alpine valleys: lush and vibrant.


  • Beginning of summer, great for hiking.
  • Day: +25°C (77°F), Night: +15°C (59°F).
  • Rainfall: 100 mm.
  • Mountain trails and outdoor activities: ideal conditions.

The hourly reported temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. (c)


  • Peak summer, warm and sunny.
  • Daytime peaks: +28°C (82°F), Night: +17°C (62°F).
  • Longest daylight hours: up to 15 hours.
  • Coastal and lake regions: perfect for swimming.


  • Hot and dry summer.
  • Daytime temperatures: +30°C (86°F), Night: +18°C (64°F).
  • Rainfall: minimal.
  • Festivals and outdoor events: in full swing.


  • Transition to autumn, cooler and pleasant.
  • Day: +25°C (77°F), Night: +15°C (59°F).
  • Rainfall: 80 mm.
  • Cultural events and wine harvest: highlight of the month.


  • Mild autumn, vibrant foliage.
  • Daytime temperatures: +18°C (64°F), Night: +10°C (50°F).
  • Rainfall: 100 mm.
  • Hiking trails and nature parks: picturesque views.
Slovenia (c)


  • Cool and rainy, end of the tourist season.
  • Day ranges: +10°C (50°F) to +14°C (57°F).
  • Night: +5°C (41°F).
  • Rainfall: 120 mm.
  • Quiet and serene: fewer tourists.


  • Start of winter, cold and festive.
  • Day: +5°C (41°F), Night: 0°C (32°F).
  • Snow in higher altitudes: perfect for winter sports.
  • Rainfall: 110 mm.
  • Christmas markets and winter festivals: in full swing.

Slovenia offers a rich blend of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and outdoor adventures throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to hike the Julian Alps, explore medieval castles, or enjoy the coastal charm, Slovenia has something to offer every season.

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