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Finland: A Traveler’s Guide to the Ultimate Nordic Experience

Nestled in the northernmost reaches of Europe, Finland stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and the resilience of human spirit. The Finns, with their rich history, innovative spirit, and deep reverence for nature, have crafted a nation that seamlessly merges the old with the new, the wild with the urban. It’s a place where the sun doesn’t set for months, where the Northern Lights paint the skies with ethereal hues, and where lakes, as clear as crystal, stretch as far as the eye can see.

Natural Wonders of Finland

Lapland and the Northern Lights

Venturing to the northernmost part of Finland, one enters the mythical region of Lapland. During the deep winter months, the sky comes alive with vibrant colors as the auroras dance overhead. This isn’t just a visual feast—it’s an emotional and spiritual experience. Amidst this backdrop, the silent, snow-covered landscapes below provide a serene contrast, making it a dream destination for many.

The Finnish Lakeland

As you move further south, Finland transforms into a watery wonderland. The country, often dubbed ‘the land of a thousand lakes’, boasts a vast network of interconnected lakes and waterways. Here, the shimmering waters of lakes like Saimaa and Päijänne stretch as far as the eye can see, surrounded by lush forests. Visitors can enjoy activities ranging from canoeing and fishing to simply basking in the gentle embrace of the Finnish sun. Each lake holds its own charm, offering tranquility and a unique connection with nature.

Koli National Park

In Eastern Finland, Koli National Park stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Known for its stunning viewpoints, especially the iconic Ukko-Koli hill, the park provides panoramic vistas of Lake Pielinen and the surrounding forests. Hiking trails wind through ancient woods and past crystal-clear streams, making Koli a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Archipelago Sea

Towards the southwestern coast, Finland surprises with another natural marvel—the Archipelago Sea. Comprising over 40,000 islands, it’s one of the largest archipelagoes in the world. From inhabited islands with rich histories to untouched islets, this maritime paradise beckons travelers to explore its hidden gems. Whether it’s sailing, cycling, or delving into the local culture, the Archipelago Sea offers a myriad of experiences.

Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Helsinki’s Architectural Marvels

The Finnish capital, Helsinki, serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, a junction evident in its architectural heritage. Structures like the neoclassical Helsinki Cathedral stand in stark contrast to the modern designs of buildings like the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Roaming through the city, visitors are treated to a harmonious blend of eras and styles that narrate Finland’s evolving story.

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Lappeenranta Fortress

Located in the southeast of Finland, the Lappeenranta Fortress is a living testament to the nation’s tumultuous past. Originally built in the 18th century, this historical site bears scars of battles and shifts of power. Today, it not only serves as a reminder of the bygone era but also houses museums, galleries, and quaint cafes.

The Sami Cultural Heritage

In the northernmost regions of Finland, the indigenous Sami people have preserved a culture deeply intertwined with the Arctic environment. The Siida Museum in Inari provides an in-depth look into their traditions, from the vibrant yoik singing and traditional dress to the annual reindeer races and the significance of the midnight sun.

Turku Castle

On the southwest coast lies Turku, Finland’s oldest city and its former capital. Dominating the city’s landscape is Turku Castle, a medieval fortress with roots tracing back to the 13th century. Beyond its imposing walls and towers, the castle offers a journey through time, showcasing Finland’s history through various exhibitions and restored rooms.

Petäjävesi Old Church

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Petäjävesi Old Church is a perfect example of the wooden architecture that Finland is renowned for. Built in the 18th century, this Lutheran church, with its simplistic design and log construction, reflects the modesty and functionality of traditional Finnish design.

Finnish Cuisine and Delicacies

Savoring Salmiakki
This salty licorice treat is not for the faint-hearted. With a strong and distinct flavor profile that derives from ammonium chloride, Salmiakki is an acquired taste but is deeply embedded in Finnish culture. It’s consumed in various forms, from candies to ice cream and even in alcoholic drinks.

Reindeer Dishes
Originating from the northern regions, reindeer meat is both a delicacy and an everyday food in Finland. Whether it’s served as smoked sausages, stews, or thin-sliced cold cuts, reindeer offers a unique, gamey flavor, often accompanied by locally sourced berries and herbs.

Karelian Pies
These delightful rice-filled pastries are a staple in Finnish homes and cafes. Originating from the eastern region of Karelia, these pies boast a thin rye crust filled with creamy rice porridge, often topped with egg butter. It’s a perfect blend of textures and flavors that captures the essence of Finnish comfort food.

Fish from Fresh Waters
Finland, with its multitude of lakes, offers an abundance of freshwater fish. From grilled perch to smoked salmon, Finnish fish dishes are a celebration of the country’s pristine water bodies. One of the must-tries is “Kalakukko,” a traditional dish where fish is baked inside a bread loaf.

Pulla and Coffee Moments
No Finnish culinary journey is complete without indulging in “Pulla,” a sweet cardamom-infused bread. Often braided and sprinkled with sugar or almonds, Pulla is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee during “kahvitauko” – the customary Finnish coffee break.

Mustikkapiirakka – Blueberry Pie
Come summer, Finnish forests are teeming with wild blueberries. These tiny, flavor-packed berries find their way into pies, tarts, and jams. Mustikkapiirakka, a delectable blueberry pie with a creamy custard-like filling, is a seasonal treat that encapsulates the sweetness of Finnish summers.

Adventure and Activities

Husky Safaris in Lapland

Embark on an exhilarating journey across the snowy landscapes of Lapland led by a team of enthusiastic huskies. These safaris offer a unique way to explore the pristine Arctic wilderness, with the chorus of husky barks and the soft whisper of sled runners on snow being your soundtrack.

Midnight Sun Marathon

Experience the magic of running under the midnight sun in Rovaniemi, where the sun doesn’t set for weeks during summer. The marathon attracts enthusiasts from around the globe, all eager to run in this ethereal light and witness nature’s wonders.

Ice Swimming and Sauna

For those seeking a thrill, nothing beats the experience of taking a dip in icy waters after a warm sauna session. This traditional Finnish pastime not only invigorates the senses but also offers myriad health benefits. The contrast of hot and cold is said to improve circulation and boost the immune system.

Berry and Mushroom Foraging

The vast Finnish forests are a treasure trove of wild berries and mushrooms. During late summer and early autumn, locals and tourists alike venture into the woods equipped with baskets, foraging for cloudberries, bilberries, and the sought-after chanterelle mushrooms.

Kayaking in the Archipelago

The southwestern Archipelago Sea, with its maze of islands and islets, beckons adventurers to explore its hidden gems via kayak. Paddling through the serene waters offers a chance to discover secluded beaches, ancient rock formations, and picturesque fishing villages.

Fat Biking on Frozen Lakes

Come winter, the frozen lakes provide a unique terrain for adventure lovers. Fat biking, with its wide tires designed for snowy conditions, allows cyclists to traverse frozen water bodies, exploring the tranquil winter landscapes from a different perspective.

Trekking in the National Parks

Finland boasts numerous national parks, each offering a unique landscape for trekking. Whether it’s the fells of Pallas-Yllästunturi or the ancient forests of Koli, these parks provide trails suited for both beginners and seasoned trekkers, each promising breathtaking vistas and encounters with local wildlife.

Practical Travel Information

Currency and Payments

Finland’s official currency is the Euro (€). While most places in the urban areas accept credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, it’s advisable to carry some cash, especially when traveling to remote areas or for small purchases. ATMs are widely available and offer instructions in English and other major languages.

Euro current exchange rates

  • 100 EUR = $108.12 or $1 = 0.92 Euro

Other currencies:

  • 100 EUR = 85.17 British Pounds
  • 100 EUR = 163.68 Australian Dollar
  • 100 EUR = 148.44 Canadian Dollar
  • 100 EUR = 1,162.34 Swedish Krona
  • 100 EUR = 426.30 Polish Zloty
  • 100 EUR = 2,473.41 Czech Koruna
  • 100 EUR = 147,859.40 South Korean Won
  • 100 EUR = 770.86 Chinese Yuan
  • 100 EUR = 16,968.62 Japanese Yen

Visa and Entry Requirements

As a member of the Schengen Area, Finland allows travelers from many countries to visit for up to 90 days without a visa. However, it’s essential to check the latest visa requirements based on your nationality before planning your trip. Always ensure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your intended stay.

Weather and Packing

Given its northern location, Finland experiences significant variations in climate across seasons. Winters can be cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing, necessitating warm clothing, insulated boots, and winter accessories. Summers, especially in the south, are mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. Layering is key, as evenings can get chilly.

Connectivity and Communication

Finland boasts an excellent telecommunications network. Major cities and towns have strong Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity, even extending to many rural areas. Prepaid SIM cards are widely available for tourists, providing affordable data and call options.

Local Etiquette and Customs

Finns value punctuality, privacy, and personal space. While they might come across as reserved initially, they are warm and friendly once you get to know them. When invited to a Finnish home, it’s customary to bring a small gift, like flowers or chocolates. Remember, saunas are an integral part of Finnish culture, so be open to the experience and follow the host’s lead regarding etiquette.


Finland has an efficient public transportation system, including buses, trains, and trams in major cities. The railway network connects most towns and is a scenic way to travel across the country. For more flexibility, renting a car is a good option, especially if planning to explore the countryside.

Useful Websites

  • Visit Finland – The official travel guide of Finland, offering detailed information on attractions, activities, and events.
  • VR Railways – Finland’s primary train service, allowing travelers to check schedules, routes, and book train tickets.
  • Foreca – Reliable weather forecasts specific to Finnish regions, helping travelers plan accordingly.
  • Finavia – Offers real-time flight information and services of Finland’s airports.
  • Matkahuolto – Provides schedules and ticket information for long-distance bus services across Finland.
  • Finland Cottage Rentals – A platform to find and book traditional Finnish cottages, ideal for experiencing local living.
  • National Parks of Finland – Detailed guides and maps for all national parks in Finland, perfect for adventure seekers.
  • Museums in Finland – Comprehensive directory of museums in Finland, sorted by category and region.
  • Finnish Sauna Society – Dive deep into the culture of Finnish saunas, with guides on traditions, etiquette, and best sauna spots.
  • Tipping in Finland Guide – Understand the customs and etiquette related to tipping in Finland.

Finland, with its mesmerizing landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm-hearted people, offers an unparalleled travel experience. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of the Northern Lights, the tranquility of its lakes, or the rhythm of its cities, this Nordic wonder ensures memories that last a lifetime.

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