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Best Time to Visit Ecuador in 2024 for Beaches, Hiking, and Exploring the Amazon. Ecuador Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Ecuador

  • Optimal: June to September (dry season, ideal for outdoor activities).
  • For beaches: December to May (warmer and wetter, but sunny mornings).
  • For hiking and Amazon exploration: June to September (lower rainfall).

Geography facts

  • Location: Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean.
  • Area: 283,561 km².
  • Borders: Colombia, Peru.
  • Landscape: Includes Amazon jungle, Andean highlands, and the Galápagos Islands.

Ecuador offers a diverse range of environments from its coast, highlands, Amazon, to the Galápagos Islands, making it a unique destination for various activities throughout the year. Its geographic diversity provides travelers with an array of experiences, from beach lounging and mountain hiking to exploring the Amazon rainforest and observing unique wildlife in the Galápagos.


Ecuador’s climate varies by region:

  • Coastal: Tropical (hot and humid with a rainy season).
  • Highlands: Andean (cooler, with a dry and a rainy season).
  • Amazon: Tropical rainforest (wet, hot, and humid year-round).
  • Galápagos: Dry and mild.
The daily average high and low air temperature at 2 meters above the ground. The thin dotted lines are the corresponding perceived temperatures. (c)

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Beach season begins: Warm, wet weather ideal for the Pacific coast. Temperatures: 25°C (77°F) to 31°C (88°F).
  • Highlands and Amazon: Frequent showers.


  • Coastal areas: Continue to enjoy warm temperatures, 26°C (79°F) to 32°C (90°F), with occasional rains.
  • Highlands: Cooler, wetter.


  • Beach weather: Hot, humid, with rain mainly in the afternoon. Temperatures remain high.
  • Amazon: Peak rainfall, lush landscapes.
Warm and Sunny Weather in Ecuador (c)


  • Coast and Amazon: Similar to March, with heavy rains but warm temperatures.
  • Highlands: Rain starts to decrease.


  • Transition month: Less rain on the coast, temperatures begin to cool slightly.
  • Amazon and Highlands: Decreasing rainfall.


  • Optimal for outdoor activities: Dry season in highlands and Amazon. Cooler, perfect for hiking and exploring. Coast starts to cool.
The hourly reported temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. (c)


  • Dry and cool: Ideal for hiking in the Andes. Galápagos Islands offer mild weather and good wildlife viewing opportunities.


  • Great for all activities: Continuation of dry, cool weather across most regions. Galápagos: Peak whale watching season.


  • Last of dry season: Best time for Amazon and Andean adventures. Galápagos remains excellent for wildlife.
Ecuador’s nature after rain (c)


  • Rain returns: Begins mildly in the Amazon and coast, affecting beach days.


  • Increasing rainfall: Warmer weather returns to the coast, preparing for beach season. Highlands and Amazon see more rain.


  • Beach season: Warm temperatures return to the coast, perfect for holiday travelers. Rainy afternoons common but mornings are usually sunny and clear.

Ecuador’s varied climates and landscapes offer something for everyone year-round, from pristine beaches and breathtaking mountain treks to the unique biodiversity of the Amazon and Galápagos. The optimal time for visiting depends greatly on the activities and regions of interest, with the dry season (June to September) being ideal for hiking and exploring, and the warmer, wetter season (December to May) perfect for enjoying the beaches and coastal regions.

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