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Best Time to Visit Belize in 2024 for Wildlife, Snorkeling, and Cultural Tours. Belize Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Belize

  • Optimal: Late November to mid-April (dry season, ideal for outdoor activities).
  • For wildlife and snorkeling: March to June offer the best underwater visibility and vibrant wildlife.
  • Other favorable months: February, July, and August for cultural festivals and less crowded experiences.

Geography facts

  • Location: Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.
  • Area: 22,966 km².
  • Landscape: Diverse, including tropical rainforests, mountains, and coastal plains. Notable features include the Belize Barrier Reef and the Maya Mountains.

Belize’s geography is a tapestry of various landscapes, each offering unique experiences. From the second largest barrier reef in the world to dense rainforests and ancient Maya ruins, Belize is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.


  • Coastal and Islands: Tropical maritime with hot, humid weather year-round.
  • Inland: Slightly cooler, especially in the higher elevations.
  • Two main seasons: Wet (June to November) and Dry (February to May).
The daily range of reported temperatures (gray bars) and 24-hour highs (red ticks) and lows (blue ticks), placed over the daily average high (faint red line) and low (faint blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. (с)

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Weather: Mild and dry, ideal for outdoor exploration.
  • Average temperatures: 24°C (75°F) to 29°C (84°F).
  • Activities: Low rainfall, making it great for visiting the Maya ruins and wildlife sanctuaries.


  • Weather: Continues to be dry and pleasant.
  • Average temperatures: 25°C (77°F) to 30°C (86°F).
  • Activities: Perfect for snorkeling and diving, as the sea is calm and clear.


  • Weather: Start of the dry and busy tourist season.
  • Average temperatures: 26°C (79°F) to 31°C (88°F).
  • Highlights: Ideal for jungle tours and visiting the Belize Barrier Reef for snorkeling and diving.
Belize streets (c)


  • Weather: One of the hottest months, yet still popular for visitors.
  • Average temperatures: 27°C (81°F) to 33°C (91°F).
  • Festivities: Easter celebrations bring vibrant cultural experiences.


  • Weather: Transition to the wet season, with occasional showers.
  • Average temperatures: 28°C (82°F) to 34°C (93°F).
  • Nature: Best time for bird watching and spotting wildlife as forests are lush and animals are active.
The hourly reported temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. (c)


  • Weather: Start of the wet season, with frequent but short showers.
  • Average temperatures: 28°C (82°F) to 32°C (90°F).
  • Events: Lobsterfest in coastal towns celebrates the start of the lobster season with food and festivities.


  • Weather: Wet season continues, though less intense than later months.
  • Average temperatures: 27°C (81°F) to 31°C (88°F).
  • Cultural Tours: Ideal for exploring ancient Maya sites and museums.


  • Weather: Mixed weather with sunny days and occasional rain.
  • Average temperatures: 27°C (81°F) to 31°C (88°F).
  • Highlights: Great time for river tubing and exploring caves.
Belize (c)


  • Weather: Peak of the wet season with higher rainfall.
  • Average temperatures: 26°C (79°F) to 30°C (86°F).
  • Festivals: Independence Day celebrations in late September offer a glimpse into Belize’s vibrant culture.


  • Weather: Rainy season starts to wind down.
  • Average temperatures: 25°C (77°F) to 29°C (84°F).
  • Experiences: Good time for visiting botanical gardens and nature reserves.


  • Weather: End of the wet season and beginning of the drier, cooler weather.
  • Average temperatures: 24°C (75°F) to 28°C (82°F).
  • Travel Tip: Fewer tourists, making it a peaceful time for visiting popular destinations.


  • Weather: Start of the peak tourist season with pleasant, dry weather.
  • Average temperatures: 24°C (75°F) to 29°C (84°F).
  • Holiday Season: Christmas and New Year’s celebrations add a festive atmosphere to the already vibrant culture.

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