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Best Time to Visit Bahrain in 2024 for Cultural Exploration, Water Sports, and Shopping. Bahrain Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Bahrain

  • Optimal: November to March for cooler weather and outdoor activities.
  • For water sports: May to September for warmer sea temperatures.
  • Other favorable months: April and October for mild weather.

Geography facts

  • Location: Middle East, archipelago in the Persian Gulf.
  • Area: 780 km².
  • Borders: Surrounded by the Persian Gulf.
  • Landscape: Mostly low desert plain rising gently to low central escarpment.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an island nation in the Persian Gulf, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern attractions. Despite its small size, Bahrain boasts a diverse landscape, from bustling cityscapes to tranquil beaches. It’s a hub for tourists seeking a blend of traditional Arab culture and contemporary lifestyle.


  • Overall: Arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers.
  • Regional Variations: Limited due to the country’s small size.
The daily range of reported temperatures (gray bars) and 24-hour highs (red ticks) and lows (blue ticks), placed over the daily average high (faint red line) and low (faint blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. (c)

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Weather: Cool with occasional rain. Day: 18°C (64°F), Night: 14°C (57°F).
  • Activities: Ideal for cultural tours and outdoor exploration.
  • Tips: Light jackets for evenings.


  • Weather: Mild and pleasant. Day: 20°C (68°F), Night: 15°C (59°F).
  • Activities: Visit historical sites like Qal’at al-Bahrain.
  • Sea: Cool, around 17°C (62°F).


  • Weather: Warmer days. Day: 24°C (75°F), Night: 17°C (63°F).
  • Activities: Perfect for desert excursions and pearl diving.
  • Events: Bahrain Grand Prix.


  • Weather: Begins to warm up. Day: 29°C (84°F), Night: 21°C (70°F).
  • Activities: Ideal for early beach visits, water parks.
  • Tips: Sunscreen and hats recommended.


  • Weather: Hot. Day: 34°C (93°F), Night: 26°C (79°F).
  • Activities: Water sports and indoor shopping.
  • Sea Temperature: Around 29°C (84°F).


  • Weather: Very hot. Day: 38°C (100°F), Night: 29°C (84°F).
  • Activities: Indoor activities like visiting museums.
  • Tips: Stay hydrated and avoid peak sun hours.
Bahrain (c)


  • Weather: Peak heat. Day: 40°C (104°F), Night: 30°C (86°F).
  • Activities: Night markets and indoor cultural events.
  • Sea Temperature: Warm, near 33°C (91°F).


  • Weather: High humidity and heat. Day: 40°C (104°F), Night: 30°C (86°F).
  • Activities: Explore modern malls and indoor attractions.
  • Tips: Air-conditioned environments are preferable.


  • Weather: Beginning to cool. Day: 38°C (100°F), Night: 29°C (84°F).
  • Activities: Late evening beach visits, outdoor dining.
  • Sea Temperature: Still warm, about 32°C (90°F).
The hourly reported temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. (c)


  • Weather: More comfortable. Day: 35°C (95°F), Night: 27°C (81°F).
  • Activities: Good for outdoor sightseeing, like the Tree of Life.
  • Events: Bahrain International Music Festival.


  • Weather: Pleasant. Day: 28°C (82°F), Night: 21°C (70°F).
  • Activities: Ideal for exploring Bahrain’s rich heritage and outdoor markets.
  • Tips: Light layers for cooler evenings.


  • Weather: Cool and enjoyable. Day: 22°C (72°F), Night: 16°C (61°F).
  • Activities: Celebrate Bahraini National Day with festivities.
  • Tips: Occasional rain, carry an umbrella.

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