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Best Time to Visit Albania in 2024 for beaches, hiking, road trips. Albania Weather Guide

Best Time to Visit Albania

  • Optimal: Mid-September to mid-October (reduced heat and tourism).
  • For beaches: July and August have the highest beach score.
  • Other favorable months: April, May, June, and September.

Geography facts

  • Location: Eastern Europe, western part of the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Area: 28,748 km² (27,398 km² land, 1,350 km² water).
  • Borders: Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
  • Landscape: 70% mountains and hills, 30% alluvial plains. Highest point: Korab mountain at 2,764 meters.

Along its border with Montenegro are the North Albanian Alps (Prokletije). On its border with Macedonia is the Korab mountain range, which includes the country’s highest point at 2,764 meters. Central Albania is marked by the Tomori, Kruja, and other mountain ranges. The Albanian coast, stretching over 400 km, is washed by two seas: the Adriatic and the Ionian. The country’s beaches are often referred to as the “Albanian Riviera” because of their white sands and the crystal-clear, sapphire-colored sea.


  • Length: 400 km.
  • Seas: Adriatic and Ionian.
  • Description: Known as the “Albanian Riviera” for its pristine beaches.


  • Coastal: Mediterranean (hot summers, mild winters).
  • Mountains: Continental.
  • For detailed weather: Visit

Monthly Weather Snapshot


  • Extremely cold and rainy. Mountain areas can drop to -8°C (17°F).
  • Expected precipitation: 130 mm.
  • Plains and coastal regions: humid, cool, average of +9°C (48°F) with 7-10 rainy days.
  • Sea temperature: +14°C (57°F).
Albania in January
Albania in January (c)


  • Countrywide daytime temperatures: +9°C (48°F) to +12°C (53°F).
  • Average precipitation: 115 mm.
  • Warmer and rainier as the month progresses. Typically, 13 rainy days are observed.
  • Sea temperature remains at +14°C (57°F), dissuading sea swimming.


  • Predicted temperatures across Albania: Day at +16°C (60°F) and Night at +4°C (39°F).
  • Mountain regions may experience temperatures dropping to 0°C (32°F) or lower.
  • Expected rainfall: 110 mm.
  • Sea warms up to +15°C (59°F) during the day.


  • If beach vacations aren’t the goal, April is ideal for rejuvenation. The sea air, rich in beneficial minerals, is good for health.
  • Maximum daytime temperature: +19°C (66°F, notably in Berat), Night: +8°C (46°F).
  • Rainfall may reach 95 mm over the month.
  • Along the Albanian coast, sea temperature rises to +16°C (60°F).

Albania Road Trip Guide: A Grit and Glory Journey


  • Ideal for visiting Tirana, Berat, and Durres.
  • Daytime temperature: +23°C (73°F), Night temperature: +12°C (53°F)
  • Sea temperature: +19°C (66°F); some tourists swim.

Note: Durres resort is recommended for families due to its shallow sea entrance and clean sandy beaches. The Adriatic Sea, being shallower, warms up faster than the Ionian Sea.

Hourly Temperature in 2022 in Tirana (c) Weatherspark


  • Perfect for beach holidays.
  • Day: +27°C (80°F), Night: +15°C (59°F).
  • Sea temperature: +22°C (71°F).
  • Minimal rain throughout.


  • Peak tourism. Hot with Daytime peaks: +31°C (87°F), Night: +15°C (59°F).
  • Longest daylight: 15 hours.
  • Adriatic and Ionian seas: +24°C (75°F) to +25°C (77°F).
  • Maximum of 2-3 rainy days.


  • Peak summer: hot and dry.
  • Daytime across resorts: +32°C (89°F), Night: +16°C (60°F).
  • Tirana can reach up to +40°C (104°F). Coast ranges: +27°C (80°F) to +30°C (86°F).
  • Sea temperature: +25°C (77°F).


  • Transition to autumn: cooler, windy. Minimal rain chances.
  • Day: +28°C (82°F), Night: +17°C (62°F).
  • “Velvet season” at the Adriatic and Ionian coasts. Sea temperature: +24°C (75°F) to +25°C (77°F).


  • Daytime peaks: +22°C (71°F), Night drops: +10°C (50°F).
  • Approximately 5 rainy days with 110 mm precipitation.
  • Sea remains warm at Saranda and Vlora coasts: +22°C (71°F).


  • Beach season ends, cooler nights: +7°C (44°F).
  • Day ranges: +16°C (60°F) to +19°C (66°F).
  • Sea temperature: +19°C (66°F) to +20°C (68°F).
  • Rainy season starts: around 13 rainy days, up to 160 mm precipitation.


  • Mix of sunny and rainy days.
  • Day: +12°C (53°F), Night: +3°C (37°F).
  • Sea temperature: +17°C (62°F), few swimmers.
  • Precipitation level: 150 mm, humidity up to 75%.

Note: For trips in December, waterproof footwear and umbrellas are advised.

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